About LHES Foundation

We are a 100% volunteer organization made up of parents and community members dedicated to student success through parental involvement.  Our current board is composed of:

  • Lisa Grove, President
  • Sam Dimaya, Vice President
  • Tammie Sanches, Treasurer
  • Pamela Haban, Secretary
  • Shelly Ann Barfield, Board Member
  • Linda Kay Okamoto, Board Member
  • Donna Schaumburg, Board Member
  • Edwin Vila, Board Member

And we all share the same goal:  bring parents into the equation more where LHES is concerned. Get them to volunteer, ask good questions and help prepare their children for the school day.

We want and expect improved communication and better school-to-parent outreach. Sometimes parents don’t know where to start, when to find the time or how to go about making positive connections to the school. LHES Foundation is here to help.

We have no administrative overhead and we don’t play favorites. We have established benchmarks based on National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement by the National Parent-Teachers Association that will be assessed every six months to measure progress and map out strategies.

We also believe that we all need to hold ourselves accountable for the success of our children:

  • Our elected leaders for providing the necessary funds,
  • Our principals and administrators for providing the leadership, soliciting a wide array of opinions, filling us in on the big picture and offering a long-term view
  • Our teachers for being fully prepared, trained and motivated to meet the needs of our students and the demands of the 21st century
  • Our students for taking school seriously, getting work done, treating educators with respect and understanding that education is a key to opportunity and success in life;
  • Our parents and other family members for providing the right kinds of support , asking good questions and spending time helping out at home and at LHES.

LHES Foundation